How does an Online Divorce Service solve the problems inherent with using Divorce Lawyer?


How does an Online Divorce Service solve the problems inherent with using Divorce Lawyer?

This is a question that we get all the time, although not phrased just like that, this is the question that most people want to know.

  1. First we take into account that some divorces really ought to be done with a lawyer. Any divorce where the couple cannot come to an agreement on the terms of their divorce, and will never agree,should use a divorce lawyer.

  3. Second, once over hurdle #1, we solve the problem of TIME. Either going to a lawyer or filling out your divorce forms yourself will cost you a great deal of time. Going to a lawyer will cost you mulitple trips to his office and usually a really long time to get the case filed. Usually 4-6 weeks.


    With our Divorce Do It Yourself Service, we get your forms done in 2-3 business days and after your final review, you are ready to file, right then. If you decided to tackle filling out your divorce forms yourself, you better sit down for a whole two or three days straight to make sure you’ve got it right.


    Not to mention, if you bought a kit at a store or online somewhere, many of those kits say they are State Specific, but they are not.


    Our forms are used everyday in the courts of every State in the U.S. We get the forms from the lawyers that work in those court systems everyday. We have a 101% Guarantee on our Divorce Service and on our forms. Get Your FREE DIVORCE BOOKLET >>> HERE!


  4. Third, we solve the problem of MONEY. In many cases that involve lawyers on both sides, each of the lawyers will say, "I will make sure that you get your fair share.", or "I will take your spouse for whatever they’ve got!"


What most people don’t understand is that the lawyer is just trying to get youto sign your name to their retainer fee. The reason I say this is because, the laws in most US States have already spelled out what each party in a divorce is "entitled" to.


There are Child Support Calculators based on the incomes of the two spouses. There are property distribution guides. Most things are pretty much spelled out already. The lawyers are just there to get their money.


Remember, the longer the lawyer can stretch out a divorce battle, the more billable hours they get paid.


The more fighting they can invoke in the 2 spouses, the more that both lawyers get paid in billable hours. Which at the moment is around the $250/ hour mark.


That REALLY adds up quick. 4 hours is $1000 dollars. Now, you can see why most divorces end up in the Thousands of dollars.


Conservative Example

Lets say a couple is getting divorced with a lawyer for each party and decides to fight over child support, or splitting the house, or spousal support.


Also, lets note that the parties going into the divorce had 1 shared bank account that had $10,000 in it. (many people have less than $1000 in their bank account.) Get Your FREE DIVORCE BOOKLET >>> HERE!

Here’s the conservative math with the lawyers:

  • To begin and file your case you hire a lawyer and pay their retainer fee of $1500.
  • Your spouse gets a lawyer of their own and pays their retainer fee of $1500.
  • The case gets filed and then there is an "Answer" to the initial filing. At this point both lawyers say to their clients, "you really ought to go for more, you are getting rooked by your soon to be ex-wife/husband." (The fight is on)
  • Both spouses agree and plunk down an additional $2000 X 2 to keep upthe fight on the issue of (insert your issue here).
  • 3-4 months pass by with arguing and prodding between the spouses and their lawyers in court and out of court. All of this is billable at around $250/hour. So, the additional money is used up quick. Better pray that both spouses don’t loose it and start physically going after one another. (Then there are Restraining Orders and they get really expensive.)
  • Finally, after 6-8 months (if your lucky), there is an end in sight and a final hearing. This is where both you and your spouse get hit up for an additional $3500 X 2 to put together the closing paperwork and settlement package.


    At this point you don’t care, you are just glad to have this thing be over.

  • End Result: The whole divorce took about 6-8 months and a grand total of around $14,000.

In a situation that is already very problematic by its very nature, just imagine having 2 lawyers take about $14,000 out of your combined income.


This is just an example and the real number could be much higher or lower than this number. But just think, lets say you find 2 cheap lawyers and that final grand total is off by 50%. That is still $7000 dollars.


The Real Solution

The real solution is to not go to lawyers in the first place. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement to the terms of the divorce or at least have one spouse do nothing at all (this is called a Default Divorce, we do those too).


We can get your paperwork completed in 2-3 business days for under 1 hour of what a lawyer would charge. Get Your FREE DIVORCE BOOKLET >>> HERE!


Julie Jessup

Julie Jessup

Popular divorce blogger and lifetime student of family dynamics. Julie enjoys helping others on all topics of family issues.
Julie Jessup
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Julie Jessup

Popular divorce blogger and lifetime student of family dynamics. Julie enjoys helping others on all topics of family issues.

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