How to Save More Than $1,000 On Your Divorce Proceedings


If you chose to go to a divorce lawyer for your divorce, the lawyer will typically talk to you initially in his office or by phone and quote you $1000-$3500 for your divorce.

You probably already know that but the problem is that the quote is ONLY THE RETAINER FEE!?!?! Get your Free Divorce Papers now! Get it here.

In this article I am going to share with you a way to save money on your divorce by doing it yourself instead of going to an expensive divorce attorney.

Most often, the quoted price from the attorney is only the beginning. I have been around divorces for a long time and I can tell you from experience that the next step in the process will be the attorney asking you for more money beyond the retainer fee.

Many times, we have customers come to us and say, “I tried to use an attorney and I paid them their retainer fee, but then something happened and the lawyer wanted more money to be able to finish my simple case.” We hear stories like this ALL the time. Just about everyday, in fact. Get your Free Divorce Papers now! Get it here.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place to use a lawyer. If you have a divorce where the husband and wife don’t agree to the terms of the divorce, basically they don’t know how to split up their property and adequately separate their children, then a lawyer will come in handy. But, using a lawyer is much more expensive than it has to be.

Most people who can come to some sort of agreement on how they would like to work out their own settlement can complete the divorce without an attorney. This is called a “Default Divorce”.

I have even seen customers start their divorce and file at the courthouse not knowing if their spouse would fight it or not. If the spouse did want to fight and they chose to get their own lawyer, they started the “Contested Divorce”.

If this is the situation you are in, you can still save good money if you handle your own paperwork. Instead of spending a couple thousand dollars you can spend a couple hundred dollars, that is why I say that you can save over $1,000 on your divorce proceedings. Get your Free Divorce Papers now! Get it here.

The downside is, you have to learn how to fill out the paperwork. If you need a hand with that, click the green “Do I Qualify” button below and see if this service is right for you.

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