Is Do-it-Yourself Divorce Right for You?

do-it-yourself divorce

do-it-yourself divorceMaking the decision to divorce isn’t easy. In fact, it’s something that will literally change your life. Once you’ve made that choice, the next step is equally as important: how you will go about the process. There are just about as many ways to get divorced as there are to get married, and each has its own pros and cons. Of all the options, do it yourself (DIY) divorce is the easiest and most affordable, but it will only work if you and your spouse meet certain criteria.Get your Free Divorce Papers now! Get it here.


You should only consider pursuing a DIY divorce under the following circumstances:


• You and your spouse both agree that you’re ready to divorce. (You’ve talked it over, cried it out, shook hands and agreed to go your separate ways.)Get your Free Divorce Papers now! Get it here.
• Neither of you are contesting anything. (If you’re bickering over stuff, DIY may not be the best option.)
• You don’t have a complicated financial situation, just a few assets and debts to take care of.
• You’ve agreed upon a custody arrangement and begun working on a parenting plan.
• You don’t own a business or complex investments (beyond simple retirement accounts).
• Both you and your spouse are capable of being self-supporting. (If alimony is to be considered, it could make the process much more complicated).
• Your spouse hasn’t hired an attorney yet. (If he/she has, it’s best to follow suit and hire your own attorney to ensure that you’ll be treated fairly.)


Of course, these are just basic guidelines. Depending on the state in which you and your spouse reside and other circumstances (such as military affiliation, for example) there may be more detailed requirements which may make pursuing divorce on your own more challenging. Your best bet is to take this quick quiz to figure out if you’re qualified for a DIY divorce. That way, you’ll know right away whether you should move forward with the process or seek another avenue.

Get your Free Divorce Papers now! Get it here.

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